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About Me

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Having four children of my own I have a deep understanding of the challenges and joys of raising a child. 

I have worked at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton as a Reiki therapist for many years and I am authorised to work with children and have DBS approval.

I am highly intuitive and perceptive and often pick up on things others have overlooked.


I have twent-four years of experience as a therapist.


I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Therapies for Children

Reiki & Craniosacral

For babies and children
Reiki for babies and children
Craniosacral Therapy
For babies and children
Reiki for babies and children

Reiki is a wonderful soothing therapy for all ages. It enhances the body's natural healing abilities.

Reiki is non invasive, gentle and calming.  The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ literally translates as universal life force energy, life force within all of us.

Craniosacral Therapy focuses on releasing restrictions in the dural membrane system and cranio sacral fluid from your spine and brain with a very gentle and light touch approach. 

CST boosts your Central Nervous system and your Immune System, allowing your inner wisdom to heal your body.

Available to adults as well.

Recent Blogs

Chloe, from Worthing

“Debi created, through Reiki, a space to relax, keep calm and gave me the energy to carry on. Thank you for your kindness. I really enjoyed our session.”

Sue, from Shoreham

“ I had a severe attack of vertigo and Debi paid me a visit at home the same day and gave me Craniosacral therapy. It was like a weight was lifted off me as the pressure of my head greatly diminished. The Vertigo disappeared and I have not had a recurrence of it. I feel great!”

Elaine, from Tellescombe Cliffs

“ My son J can’t use words but always has a smile for Debi. He enjoys Reiki and is able to relax, unwind and most times he will fall into a deep sleep at the end of his treatment!”



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