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A delightful 3 year old girl comes in for a treatment with mum and decides that we must include her special soft toys in our treatment.

This is a great way in when you are having difficulty in approaching a child, or they are very shy or nervous about you and the strange thing your hands are doing. So, to alleviate any fears, Reiki or Craniosacral treatments can start with a soft toy, a favourite teddy, etc. We call it healing by proxy ( often used for distant healing - that is another whole blog!)

So we started our session by giving Reiki to her three favourite soft toys, a blue, a brown and a white rabbit, an entire rabbit family! Soon enough she stopped moving around, laid herself down and became very calm. I carried on and moved my hands towards her body; I usually work hands off the body, so just above it. The warmth (very good sign in Reiki) increased and I could feel her muscles relaxing and I had a very clear sensation of Reiki reaching far deep within her and reaching her cells. The cells’ vibrations melded with the energy coming from my hands and was like pops of air moving in circles but extremely gentle. Reiki had reached into the cellular level. The treatment is going to ripple out positively throughout her system.

She then had a smile and although mum was worried at first, as little one tends to be hyperactive, the worry had vanished as her mum witnessed her daughter become very relaxed, happy and calm. I thought to myself:

"Reiki is extraordinary because mum is now chilling out on the sofa, receiving the Love, Warmth and Compassion which her daughter is being blessed by, and that will impact no doubt on their day ahead and relationship between themselves and everyone and everything they encounter for at least the next couple of days…"

Afterwards she just sat down, rearranging her rabbits’ positioning and held her hands over them. I asked her : - “ What are you doing?” She replied: - “ Magic!”

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