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“ I wish you the focus of all that is good and true, charged with infinite peace and happiness.”


  - Deborah Mairesse

DeborahMairesse Reiki Therapist

Having four children of my own and twenty six years experience as a therapist, I have a deep understanding of the challenges and joys of raising a child, having a family and caring for others.


I worked as a Reiki / Spiritual Healer and a CST practitioner at Rally Hall and Planet Janet in Hove from 2002 to 2005.


I then had my own clinic, where I also taught Reiki, in Southwick, at Sea Star Haven for Healing, practicing all therapies from 2005-2010.

In 2011 I opened my own clinic in Brighton, Kemptown. 


I have worked as a Reiki therapist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Brighton from 2014- 2020; as part of the Active Lightworks charity team, treating over a thousand children and their families. I have DBS approval.


Since February 2023, ALW has a new project at The Broadway Surgery in Whitehawk, Brighton. We offer Reiki treatments at our Reiki Clinics on Thursdays. My role as Project Manager and as a therapist is rewarding and exciting.


With my teaching experience in mind I have created a New SELF CARE practice, as I wish everyone to have the same opportunities in learning from an early age on how to manage emotions, stress and anxiety. And so, Serenity Self Care was born!



Bachelor of Languages- UFRGS- Porto Alegre- Brazil-1983-1986

Esmod Fashion School- São Paulo- Brazil- 1988


Reiki One- 1999

Reiki Two- 2000

Reiki Master – 2001

Reiki Teacher- 2008

​Reflexology- Level 3- 2004

Counselling- Level 2- 2005

Foundation in Arts Psychotherapy- Iates- London-2006-2007

Spiritual Healing- 2005-2007

Craniosacral Therapy Level 1- 2001

Craniosacral Therapy Level 2- 2002

Somato Emotional Release Level 1- 2002

Somato Emotional Release Level 2- 2002

CST Touching the Brain1- 2018

Craniosacral Therapy for Paediatrics 1- 2003

Craniosacral Therapy for Paediatrics 1- 2018

Advanced Medical Intuitive- 2023

I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation and CHNC - Complimentary &Natural Healthcare Council.

I am insured through Balens.

Read my article below in Resonance Magazine, Summer 2017 where I talk about my life and work on page 4.


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Reikids Brighton

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Brighton UK

Mob:  07824669462

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