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Touch is our primary language of compassion

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Craniosacra Therapy

Serenity Touch Therapy


Serenity is a therapy you practice on yourself. Serenity was born out of my wish to provide a simple system of personal care that can be practiced by anyone, at any age, anywhere at anytime. All you need is yourself.

SSC has developed out of my own daily self practice that I have been practicing for 23 years. Serenity touch is a wellness practice that can help us return to balanced functioning on every level . It is a gentle, simple practice where you lay your hands on your own body. This laying of hands allows our bodies to respond out of its own wisdom, moving out of stress into a state where balancing occurs and our own self-healing mechanism engages.

Touch encourages our nervous system to relax.


A simple touch can trigger release of oxytocin, the hormone of Love.Touch activates the Orbital frontal cortex and can help us with learning and decision making.

SSC includes a set of 8 light touch hand positions and a gratitude prayer. You create your own daily practice according to your needs. Sometimes you may only want to do one or two of the hand positions and that is absolutely fine. I believe as we are learning to know ourselves, to listen to our bodies, our inner wisdom guides us to what we need.


When we practice self love and gratitude we build resilience from within. We become in harmony with ourselves so that we can become in harmony with the world around us. Serenity is a gift from me to you, so that you can shine at your best, be the best you can be daily.

As we navigate being a human in our present society we need to remember to be gentle and kind to ourselves so that we can be gentle and kind towards everyone else.



Step 1 - You will receive in total 7 tutorial videos. Watch and learn from the first 3 videos.

Step 2 - I will schedule a one-to-one video or live session with you to answer any of your questions and offer you personal guidance.

Step 3 - You will receive extra bonus material -another 3 short videos.

Step 4 - You will then have the opportunity to join our Serenity Community at a monthly Serenity online practice share, where we have a safe space to learn and share our experiences.


Or/ and: You can also book private sessions to suit your needs.


All this is done through love and compassion and I ask for a donation towards my work so that many more families and individuals can benefit from learning this practice. Part of your donation will be shared with Children’s Mental Health Charities and I will post what charity we are supporting together every 6 months.

Watch my introductory video below for further insights. Then visit Serenity Self Care Website to learn more and watch the other free videos and please donate if you find them useful. You can also book appointments with me there to learn the therapy.




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