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Wonders of Treatment

I have been learning so much through all the little ones who have come through my door recently. Thank you.

To simply have the knowledge to provide the space for your own child to unwind, be it in the water where our bodies are free from weight, or their own beds where children should feel safe and familiar with or on my therapy couch, that knowledge is a real gift, a blessing. As a parent of 4 boys I wish I had recognised that earlier in life and provided that space for them more often. Our bodies and mind need unwinding, releasing and letting go.

When you have experienced hands listening to your body, following, guiding you gently, making it safe to unwind, to unravel, to relax, such wonders can occur. And they do!

Sometimes the art of letting go just happens, with no words, but with deep breaths, a sigh, a fart, shaking of limbs, a click, a burp, blinking of eyes, tears or laughter. Some children need to verbalise, some don’t or can’t. The same with adults.

This lovely boy laid on my couch, constantly moving his hands and fingers. His eyes looked tired and dull, he was pale and withdrawn. As our session progressed, his legs were moving, shaking, releasing stress and muscle tension. A mixture of Craniosacral and Reiki therapies naturally occurred as I listened to his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Loads of sound releases and muscle tension started to melt away. He fell into a deep sleep. Afterwards, mum commented she had not seen him so relaxed for a very very long time. In fact years!

I saw the change in him, he looked different post treatment. His cheeks turned pink. He wasn’t moving his hands and fingers incessantly anymore. His eyes, well, it was his eyes that got me, they were shinning, they were full of life. His face lit up, the stress had gone from his expression. He felt light once again, how a child should feel.

It made me think of the pressure children feel every single day and how much is required from them. To let them just be has become quite rare in our busy lives, filled by times and schedules.

I hope truly and deeply that every child in this world finds a pair of healing hands to listen, to guide, to follow, to simply just be there for them.

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